Breezy Ridge Ted  B1987525
3/31/2018  Sire:  Windkist Jolly'Mon Desperado
                     Dam:  S2R Dairy Crunch

Haycreeks Aston Paxton  AB1868832
4/18/2017  Sire:  Haycreeks Sandman Aston
                     Dam: Haycreeks Skyfall Preakness

Haycreeks Uptown Tucker  AB1950172
3/2/2018  Sire: Haycreeks Uptown Funk
                   Dam:  Haycreeks Resolute Shuffle

Firstfruits Dels Donald  AB1747935
2015  Sire:  Rachelsie Sento Del Sol
           Dam:  Firstfruits Victor's Dinah                


*B Rachelsie Sento Del Sol (Dels) B1545749 AI
2/28/2011 Sire: SG Sento (Imp Semen) B1181684P
Dam: Milk-N-Mor Midnight Dreamer B1294210 B

Haycreeks Arrio Starbuck ("Bucky") - Unreg.; Doelings: Recorded Grade Oberhasli
3/16/2009 Sire: SGCH Cream-of-Kansas' Rem Arrio AB1317405
Sire: White Haven Remus
LA 04-05 91EEE
Dam: GCH D.-5-H's Season GE1167974
LA 08-04 92EEEE
Rachelsie Sento Del Sol "Dels"
Breeding Time

When fall arrives, our thoughts turn to breeding season and yours should too!  We have a “heat sheet” that we share with our new goat families.  It is an easy way to track their estrus cycles which are about 3 weeks apart.  When a doe comes in to heat, we write it down on this sheet and whether she was bred at that time or not.  If not, then we can see the date three weeks ahead and can look for signs of estrus then.  It helps us know when to plan to breed the doe.  If you are bringing your doe to someone else to breed, then you can easily see when to get her to the breeder just before her next cycle starts.  You also want to decide when in the spring you want to have your kids born.  The normal gestation for an Oberhasli doe is 150 days, give or take 5 days.  We’ve had kids born 10 days early and 10 days late with no problems, but this is not very common.  
To tell if your doe/doeling is in heat, you would watch for the following signs:

Being more vocal and friendly than normal

Constant flagging of the tail, especially when you let her smell a stinky rag that has been rubbed on a buck in rut

Enlargement of the vulva and/or any discharge showing

A temporary change in eating habits

One or all of these signs may be seen.  As soon as we notice the doe is in heat, we put her in a pen with the buck of our choice for a few minutes.  When the buck has bred her, we put them back in their separate pens.  This is called “hand breeding” and gives us the exact date that the doe was bred.  We then watch for signs of heat 3 weeks later to make sure that she does not cycle back into heat.  If she does not, then we can be pretty sure that she is bred and can mark down a due date on our calendar.  If for some reason she does cycle back into heat, then we just repeat the process again with the same buck as before.

Watch these youtube videos!

Part 1:  Does in heat

Part 2:  The Date
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MacDuff & "Bucky" waiting to be let out on pasture
-Bucky has white tag
Rachelsie Thorn's MacDuff
Haycreeks Arrio Starbuck "Bucky"
Unregistered - GB
Haycreeks SS Super Sport