PUREBRED OBERHASLI               BRED TO:                                DUE

FIRSTFRUITS ABRAM'S ALICE (Polled) B1578017P                                                            Dels                                    May 4th
4/19/2010         Sire: Konza-Kids CD Abram
                              Dam: Firstfruits Acoma Adah

FIRSTFRUITS MACDUFFS PINK SKYE (Pinky) B1714465                    Dels                                      April 18
5/19/2013    Sire:  Rachelsie Thorn MacDuff
Dam:  Firstfruits Abram's Shyloh

FIRSTFRUITS DELS AUBREY  B1864242                                                                                Dels                                     March 8
4/7/2015  Sire:  Rachelsie Sento Del Sol
                  Dam:  Firstfruits Abram's Alice

FIRSTFRUITS DELS ARTEMIS (Missy)  B1760193 B                                                            Simon                                  April 12
3/12/2014    Sire:  Rachelsie Sento Del Sol
                        Dam:  Firstfruits Abram's Annie
    *kids will be American Oberhasli


FIRSTFRUITS SS KARMELLA "Mella"  AB1659264                                                       Dels                                        April 28th
4/26/2011   Sire:  *B Haycreeks SS Super Sport
          Dam:  Firstfruits Angus Kissandra

FIRSTFRUITS DELS SCARLETT    AB1864246 P                                                           Dels                                     April 27      
4/2/2015       Sire:  Rachelsie Sento Del Sol
                        Dam:  Firstfruits Victor's Selma

FIRSTFRUITS MACDUFF'S DIXIE  AB1791446                                                                Dels                                             April 27th
4/2/2016       Sire:  Rachelsie Thorn's MacDuff
                         Dam:  Firstfruits SS Dottie

Buck kids from these breedings would not be registerable
​Doelings will be registered Recorded Grade Oberhasli

FIRSTFRUITS STARBUCK'S KRYSTAL  GB1714464                                                    Donald                                           April 10
​5/26/2013     Sire:  Haycreeks Arrio Starbuck (unreg)
​                        Dam:  Firstfruits SS Karmella 

FIRSTFRUITS STARBUCK'S CLARA  GB1864247                                                         Dels                                                 March 8
5/14/2015     Sire:  Haycreeks Arrio Starbuck (unreg)
                        Dam:  Firstfruits Flash's Callista

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